Specialty Waterproofing

South Coast Specialty Systems can maintain, restore and extend the life of a structure with many of specialty waterproofing applications.

Epoxy Injection for wood, masonry and concrete

Epoxy injection is a durable and reliable repair method for wide variety of concrete, masonry and wood structures. Epoxy fills cracks and structurally welds them together for an incredibly tight bond. It is used to stop leaks, prevent corrosion and can re-establish bonds on delaminated concrete.

Chemical Grout

Chemical grouting transforms granular soils into sandstone-like masses with a low viscosity grout. The best soil for this has fine sand content. Chemical grouting can strengthen the ground, prevent movement and when injected into cracks, form a waterproof bond. It is cost-effective method to seal joints and fractures. Used as a water control, it can stop leaks underground.

Concrete Floor Repair

We can bring your floors back to life with corrective concrete grinding, crack repair, glue removal and leveling.

Concrete & Structural Patching

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials, but at some point in the life of a structure, patching and restoration is required.  Our seasoned professionals will repair and rejuvenate concrete slabs, walls, stairs and more. We can then apply a concrete sealer for ideal protection.

Urethane, Silicones and Fireproofing Caulking

South Coast offers a range of products and solutions to help contain fire, smoke and gases.  Our professional technicians seal around penetrations and construction joints.

Acid Stains for Concrete

We use a water-based liquid with minerals and acid. The acid stain penetrates the pores of the concrete creating a permanent color.  We then seal it with concrete sealer for a unique finish indoors and out.

Clear Penetrating Sealers

These are concentrated, breathable, water-based, and VOC compliant sealers. This application penetrates and reacts chemically deep within the substrate to form a durable water-repellant surface.

Certified Premium Roof Coatings

In some cases, a roof can be coated rather than replaced. This can save you money and maintain the roof’s structural integrity. Ask us about our coatings for single-ply membrane flat or ow slope roofs (TPO membrane, EPDM and PVC membrane), as well as metal roofs.


In addition, we offer the following Specialty Waterproofing Systems:

  • Arizona Polymers
  • Sika
  • DeNeef
  • Dow Corning
  • BASF Sonnoborn
  • Seal Boss
  • Aqua Fin
  • Xypex
  • Thoroseal
  • Koesters