Shower Pan Waterproofing

Completed-Shower-Pan-Hotmop-NEWSouth Coast Specialty Systems offers multi-layer protection with our hot mop application for shower pans.  After proper backing and drain installation is in place, we coat the shower pan with three (3) layers of 15-pound felt and four (4) layers of hot asphalt and fiberglass reinforced corners. Applied correctly, a hot mopped pan is ready to go in hours with a smooth surface, free of waves, bubbles and bulging corners.

Shower Pan Hot Mopping Advantages

  •  Superior waterproofing over single-ply vinyl and liners.
  • All areas bond together to form one unit.
  • Installed per code.
  • Adheres to pre-slope.
  • Tightly bonds to unique shapes and conforms with 100% integrity.
  •  Quick application saves on production schedules.
  •  No folds, splicing or gluing required at dams, corners, and seams.
  • Proven durability.
  • Hot moping can cover large surfaces.
  • Ready for water test the same day of installation.