Decorative Coatings

South Coast Specialty Systems has years of experience and detailed technicians that can add a beautiful finish to your indoor and outdoor spaces with decorative faux finishes. Whether you are building new or upgrading, a unique finish to your concrete areas can really add curb appeal and value.

Decorative finishes and coatings transform nearly any concrete surface, including decks, walls and indoor concrete surfaces. Concrete becomes a blank canvas for stamps, stains, decorative stencils and textures.

  • Create patterns
  • Mix it up with multicolored finishes
  • Replicate variegated stone
  • Customize a special tint

Create a smooth, neat surface with micro-toppings

Micro-toppings (thin-section overlays) can be applied surfaces such as balconies, pool decks, garages and indoor spaces; typically with trowels or brushes depending on the final look you’d like to achieve. They are reliable and weather the elements very well. Perfect for large surfaces, micro-toppings leave a durable and modern look without grout lines. They bond exceptionally to cement and are mold resistant.

  • Add texture or a slip-resistant surface
  • Give an existing surface a decorative makeover
  • Add color over your micro-topping with concrete stains and dyes
  • Add a spray deck finish or knock-down around a pool area
  • Use on a vertical surface for a point of interest
  • Refresh the entry path to your home
  • Apply to high-traffic commercial lobbies, restaurant or showroom floors, waterparks, sidewalks, driveways and more!